War of the Wind is an eco-thriller for 11+ readers about a secret government weapons test gone wrong. Featuring a cast of children with additional support needs, it shows their abilities in a positive light and allows them to take centre stage in the unfolding drama.
On a remote Scottish island, fourteen-year-old Max’s life changes when he loses his hearing in a boating accident. Struggling to make sense of his new life and resenting having to attend the ‘special’ class at his local secondary school, he begins to notice strange changes that take place when a new wind farm appears off the island’s coast. Soon it becomes clear that the islanders are acting oddly. In a few short weeks they become irritable, bad tempered and unpredictable. As the strange behaviour spreads to the children, acts of violence threaten to tear the community apart.
Unaffected by the changes due to his hearing loss, Max discovers that a sinister scientist, Doctor Ashwood, and the government are using the wind turbines to test a new soundwave weapon on the island population. With the help of three school friends with additional support needs, Max must find a way to shut down the wind farm’s signals and stop Doctor Ashwood’s plan before the out-of-control experiment has tragic consequences.
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