Dexter and the Dragon

When Dexter went to bed, everything felt flat and grey, like all of the colour had seeped out of the world.’

Dexter loves art and playing ‘Candy Dragon’s Lair’ online with his friends. But when his dragon painting wins a competition, things start to go wrong.

His friends begin ignoring him and blaming him for his team’s mistakes in the game. As this continues, Dexter feels embarrassed, miserable and alone. To make matters worse, his game character falls prey to the candy dragon.

Who can Dexter turn to for help?

This beautifully illustrated picture book for pupils in KS2/P4-P7 will support children in their understanding of the impact of bullying, help them develop empathy and demonstrate the power of teamwork.

Download the ebook and a full range of teaching resources to support the topic of bullying from the Twinkl website [here]