My name’s Jinny. I’m twelve autumns old, and this is the story of how I woke the sleeping stones and brought fire and destruction down on us all…

Scotland, 158 AD, is a divided country. On one side of the Antonine wall, thirteen-year-old Felix is trying to become a good Roman soldier like his father. On the other, twelve-year-old Jinny is vowing revenge on the ‘metal men’ who have invaded her Damnonii tribe’s homeland. At the Damnonii’s sacred circle of standing stones, her planned attack on Felix goes badly wrong, awakening a legend that threatens to bring fire and destruction down on them all.
Can Jinny and Felix overcome their differences and soothe the stones back to sleep before it’s too late?
Set in Kirkintilloch at the end of the Roman occupation, The Whistlers in the Dark is an uplifting story of friendship across a divide, as well as a spooky tale of a circle of standing stones going walking at Halloween.